NYC Vasectomy Reversal

NYC Vasectomy Reversal

Reversal After the Loss of Your Child

If you have suffered the loss of your child, you may want to consider a vasectomy reversal to allow you to have children again. This is the time when someone often desires to reverse the decision they made years ago. Successful vasectomy reversals are ones that offer the patients the freedom to have children once again. When couples approach doctors like Dr. Aaron Spitz for a vasectomy reversal, it may be that they decided years ago that they wouldn't want any more children, so they had a vasectomy performed. But life changes. Perhaps they suffered the death of a child unexpectedly, or perhaps life has led them to have a new partner in life who wants more children.

Reversal after Remarriage

Oftentimes people want to have a vasectomy reversal after remarriage. Reversals can be a good way to go for those who remarry and want children. The goal of Dr. Spitz is to make sure the couple gets the best chance possible to achieve fertility once again. Usually vasectomy reversal is the best possible option for couples. But there are several alternatives that Dr. Spitz commonly discusses with couples as other options. Before Dr. Aaron Spitz conducts a vasectomy reversal, he will first sit down with the couple and talk about their specific needs.

NYC Vasectomy Reversal

A great microscope allows surgeons to see the tubes when they are trying to reconnect them, which is the main point of vasectomy reversal surgery. During NYC vasectomy reversal surgeons must align an opening in a man that is only one-third of one millimeter in diameter. Most urologists use high-powered eyeglasses to reverse vasectomies. Dr. Aaron Spitz says using this type of high-powered eyeglasses is below a good standard of care. Dr. Spitz uses an operating microscope that is fully automated and allows him to get a bird's eye view of that one-third of one millimeter during surgery to provide the patient with the best possible care.

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